About us

About Us

Entrepreneurs find it hard to get the financial support they need from banks, so they turn to crowdfunding for help. But investors find it impossible to navigate all the crowdfunding platforms and investment opportunities to find the right one to support.

That’s where we come in.

We want to make it easier to compare different investment opportunities by gathering them all in one place. We guide investors through the broad European crowdfunding landscape by identifying the legal differences between crowdfunding platforms, the differences in costs, and the differences in the services they provide. 

We also gather all the investment opportunities these platforms are offering to investors, and provide this information in a single overview, along with intuitive tools to help investors navigate the opportunities.

Every portfolio requires diversification, so we include platforms and opportunities from all over the EU. By bringing leading platforms from different countries together in one place, we hope the crowdfunding industry as a whole will learn from itself, improving and maturing even further.

Our first step is building a thriving community where investors can discuss where they’re putting their money — and why. We look forward to providing community members with the services and tools they need to make better decisions when investing in entrepreneurs.